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Why Local Government Summer talks?

No topic will shape the coming decades as much as the energy transition. The switch to a sustainable energy supply is the declared global goal. And it is more than just a commitment on paper. It is a commitment to our future.

Since the turn of the millennium, countries have begun to strongly promote the expansion of renewable energy and to create legal foundations to advance this endeavour. National and global packages of measures have been put together to reduce CO2 emissions towards zero. To achieve this, it is necessary to push renewable energy from wind, water, sun, geothermal energy and biomass, while at the same time developing green hydrogen technology and plastics strategies.

Europe will have to move even closer together to align the Green Deal, which was already initiated before the health crisis, with future requirements. But climate protection also means making sustainable investments in local jobs and regional economic cycles. This will only work in combination with appropriate stimulus programmes for the economy.

How realistic is it to reduce EU-wide greenhouse gas emissions by 50 to 55 percent by 2030 and to become climate neutral by 2040 or 2050? What does it take and how far can it go, and how fast? Who will pay for this enormous feat?

We will talk about impacts, consequences and challenges on the way to a sustainable future at the KOMMUNALE SOMMERGESPRÄCHE. Let’s shape them together.

The KOMMUNALE SOMMERGESPRÄCHE will take place from August 31st to September 1st 2023.


Our World.
Balancing solitarity and resilience.
Economy | Society | Enviroment | Infrastructur

Here you can find the programme from 2023

Registration & Costs

Join us!

The general registration fee is EUR 230.00 per person, including VAT. It covers all events of the KOMMUNALE SOMMERGESPRÄCHE. Please note that costs of travel and accommodation as well as other costs are not included in the registration fee. The fee applies equally to participants.

Participation is free of charge for young members of municipal and local governments. Young politicians (below the age of 30) engaged in your community are cordially invited to participate actively in the three-day event. Every paying municipal representative who brings a young politician to the KOMMUNALE SOMMERGESPRÄCHE (MUNICIPAL SUMMER SYMPOSIUM) can do so at no extra cost, except for the costs of travel and accommodation. Please send your registration under “Jugendgemeinderat KSG 2023” to Ms. Anna Nödl-Ellenbogen.

Transport on site
A shuttle service for all participants will be available between the hotels and the venues of the KOMMUNALE SOMMERGESPRÄCHE. Give your car a break for three days!

Hotel reservations
We have reserved room contingents for the KOMMUNALE SOMMERGESPRÄCHE. Please make your selection at the end of your registration. You will receive confirmation of your hotel directly from the Ausseerland-Salzkammergut Tourist Office.

Tourismusverband Ausseerland – Salzkammergut
Bahnhofstraße 132
A-8990 Bad Aussee
P: +43 3622 540 40-0
info@ausseerland.at | www.ausseerland.at

Your safety on site.
Due to the current positive development of the epidemiological situation in Austria it is possible to hold the KOMMUNALE SOMMERGESPRÄCHE this year. We are anxious to provide for your health safety on site in the best possible way. We will, of course, comply with all applicable regulations for the holding of events. We would ask you to adhere to these precautions in your and everyone’s interest. We thank you for your support.

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Photos, Reports & Testimonials

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Click here for photos, reports and videos of past KOMMUNALE SOMMERGESPRÄCHE. See what the event is like or find your own pictures in case you were there.

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Contact us

We are looking forward to meeting you!

The KOMMUNALE SOMMERGESPRÄCHE is a joint event platform of the Association of Austrian Municipalities and Kommunalkredit. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Association of Austrian Municipalities

Anna Nödl-Ellenbogen
Mail: anna.noedl-ellenbogen@gemeindebund.gv.at
Phone: +431/512 14 80-20
Löwelstraße 6, 1010 Wien

Kommunalkredit Austria

Marcus Mayer
Mail: m.mayer@kommunalkredit.at
Phone: +43 1 31631- 593
Türkenstraße 9, 1090 Wien


You can use your GPS to navigate to the Kurhaus by entering „Kurhaus Bad Aussee“.

The full address is:
Kurhausplatz 144
8990 Bad Aussee
Webseite: www.congress-ausseerland.at

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