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Registration & Costs

Join us!

The general registration fee is EUR 200.00 per person, including VAT. It covers all events of the KOMMUNALE SOMMERGESPRÄCHE. Please note that costs of travel and accommodation as well as other costs are not included in the registration fee. The fee applies equally to participants.

Participation is free of charge for young members of municipal and local governments. Young politicians (below the age of 30) engaged in your community are cordially invited to participate actively in the three-day event. Every paying municipal representative who brings a young politician to the KOMMUNALE SOMMERGESPRÄCHE (MUNICIPAL SUMMER SYMPOSIUM) can do so at no extra cost, except for the costs of travel and accommodation. Please send your registration under “Jugendgemeinderat KSG 2020” to Ms. Anna Nödl-Ellenbogen.

Transport on site
A shuttle service for all participants will be available between the hotels and the venues of the KOMMUNALE SOMMERGESPRÄCHE. Give your car a break for three days!

Hotel reservations
We have reserved room contingents for the KOMMUNALE SOMMERGESPRÄCHE. Please make your selection at the end of your registration. You will receive confirmation of your hotel directly from the Ausseerland-Salzkammergut Tourist Office.

Tourismusverband Ausseerland – Salzkammergut
Bahnhofstraße 132
A-8990 Bad Aussee
P: +43 3622 540 40-0 |

Your safety on site.
Due to the current positive development of the epidemiological situation in Austria it is possible to hold the KOMMUNALE SOMMERGESPRÄCHE this year. We are anxious to provide for your health safety on site in the best possible way. We will, of course, comply with all applicable regulations for the holding of events. We would ask you to adhere to these precautions in your and everyone’s interest. We thank you for your support.

The registration opens shortly.

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