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Programme 2020

Sustainable services of general interest. Crisis-proof into the future.

The challenges posed by the drastic but necessary restrictions to overcome the recent global health crisis illustrate the need for a functioning infrastructure for social and economic well-being. This includes a relevant social infrastructure, a secure energy supply and a high-performance communications structure.

How are we prepared for such crisis scenarios? What needs to be considered in the future? Which measures must be effective? While everyday life was characterized by social distance (home office) and reduction to the essentials, a digital convergence took place at the same time. What experiences are we taking with us? What can, what should remain?

We are called upon to create sustainable economic and social foundations in order to keep everyday life and thus the economic engine running. We are striving to channel communication and finance in order to maintain the continuity of all units. We are aware of the need to invest in infrastructure in order to be better equipped for the future. The communities as suppliers, business locations, schools, workplaces, cultural, natural and living spaces are doing this every day.

Sustainable – regional – appreciative – together. We will talk about challenges, experiences and opportunities after these months at this year’s KOMMUNALE SOMMERGESPRÄCHE. Let’s work together to make our future even more crisis-proof.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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