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Why Local Government Summer talks?

What are the challenges facing municipalities and local authorities in Austria? Which are the decisions to be taken by Austrian Municipalities in order to meet tomorrow’s goals? What kind of infrastructure do citizens need in the long term? How can the attractiveness of a location in terms of education and training, job opportunities and security of supply be ensured? Is the location well connected?

The idea of a platform for the discussion of municipal issues of the future dates back to 2005. At the initiative of the Association of Austrian Municipalities and Kommunalkredit, national and international representatives of the business community, academia, the world of politics and the media have met since then for three days every year to address current issues, present best-practice examples, elaborate possible solutions and engage in networking.

At a healthy distance from everyday affairs, the town of Bad Aussee in the Province of Styria, located at the centre of Austria, provides an ideal forum for a three-day think tank. The diversity of formats is an essential component of the event: Lectures, keynote speeches, panel and plenary discussions as well as workshops, and enough time for a casual get-together.

Over the years, the KOMMUNALE SOMMERGESPRÄCHE has established itself beyond Austria’s borders as a renowned knowledge platform. The 2019 Symposium from 11 to 13 September will focus on the topic of “Strong Infrastructure for strong Regions. Thinking in Networks – Acting together”.

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